Why BoxLang?

BoxLang is a modular dynamic language for the JVM, aiming to make your development easier, expressive, fluent, rapid, and available everywhere.

Our value proposition is Based on 7 pillars.

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The team behind!

BoxLang was created and is maintained by Ortus Solutions, Corp. with contributions of a dedicated developers of our team.

Ortus Solutions a software revolution

Ortus Solutions, founded by Luis Majano in 2006, aims to empower developers with open-source tools and clients with scalable applications. They offer web development, software architecture, design, training, and support services. With a focus on efficiency, their products and services help businesses save time and money.

Ortus Solutions provides a range of tools and services for ColdFusion and BoxLang applications, including ColdBox, TestBox, ContentBox, and CommandBox.

They have over 18 years of experience in software-hardware architecture and OO design, providing world-class support and custom development services.

The 7 pillars of BoxLang

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